Bok Staff

      Meet our talented staff!

Each teacher brings their talents in their unique way! We value what each of our teachers brings to our program as they facilitate learning in our play based, relationship based setting.


Director:  Sarah Adams

I hold a B.S. in Early Childhood Education and Special Education from West Chester University and have been teaching preschool for the past two years in Alexandria, Virginia. The program I was in helped students from all over the world receive an education. They were able to play, grow and learn. The experience helped me grow as an educator and learn about my style of teaching. Project P.L.A.Y. School is an amazing school where children can learn through play. I look forward to working and learning from all our students.

Nathan Forman


Ry T. Noss

We are excited to have Ry Noss, join our fabulous staff. Ry graduated with a BA degree in Music Education from Temple University, and is excited to work as an early childhood expressive arts specialist.  Ry plays a variety of instruments, loves theater and dance, and is passionate about conducting research in the field of Early Childhood Arts Education. When they are not teaching or playing music, Ry likes to hike, cook, and snowboard.

Reet D’Provenzo

Rosie White

As a painter, I have a passion for learning through play and exploration. I am interested in the collective learning experience that is achieved when working with children and when helping children collaborate with each other. PPS Bok is an environment flourishing with fun and learning; I am thrilled to be a part of it and to share my creativity with this wonderful community!

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